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         Holistic Balance Animal Chiropractic

How Dr. Bonnie helps


Holistic Balance Animal Chiropractic (HBAC) believes in improving animal health from head to tail.  HBAC will utilize current knowledge and research in chiropractic and also in hoof care for horses.  HBAC will strives to work with veterinarians and other animal healthcare professionals to devise treatment plans for animals when needed.


Holistic Balance Animal Chiropractic (HBAC) helps animals through preventative care of chiropractic.  HBAC aids the chiropractic healing for horses through barefoot trimming and balance based on the AANHCP (Association for the Advancement of Natural Hoof Care Practitioner's trimming standards).  HBAC also works with veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and other animal healthcare professionals to facilitate the optimum health for each animal.

Holistic Balance Animal Chiropractic values health in all animals and believes there is an optimum health to obtain for each animal to help performance, happiness, and comfort.  Animal chiropractic with some rehabilitation when needed can aid in reaching an animal's optimum health and especially when combined with other treatment modalities.