“Dr. Bonnie”
Bonnie Harder, D.C. V.S.M.T. graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic is a dual certified animal chiropractor through the Healing O

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Feel free to contact me anytime. I will reply as soon as possible and if you leave your name and number, I will be happy to give you a call.


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Large Animal Chiropractic*
Horses and Cattle

Veterinary Referral Form for first visit (required)
Initial exam includes: saddle fitting analysis, hoo

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When your pet hurts

Veterinary Referral Required:

Veterinary Referral Form for Animal Chiropractic



Dr. Bonnie believes equestrians need to be treated like every other athlete and should have chiropractors dedicated to their care.  She developed a technique called eQu.S.T.sm(Equine Simulator Technique) that uses a horseback riding simulator to aid in chiropractic treatment.  She envisions Equestrian Sport Chiropractic Clinics becoming common-place and chiropractors certified in eQu.S.T.sm to treat them. Look for her Equestrian Sport Chiropractic Clinic opening in 2023.


Dr. Bonnie believes in improving animal health from head to tail.  Holistic Balance Animal Chiropractic (HBAC) will utilize current knowledge and research in chiropractic.  HBAC will strives to work with veterinarians and other animal healthcare professionals to devise treatment plans for animals when needed.



Dr. Bonnie will help people and animals through alternative care of chiropractic. She will works with medical doctors, veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals to facilitate the optimum health for each individual whether they are a person or animal.

Dr. Bonnie values health in all species and believes there is an optimum health to obtain for each person or animal to help performance, happiness, and comfort.  Chiropractic with some rehabilitation when needed can aid in reaching a person’s or animal’s optimum health and especially when combined with other treatment modalities.