Large Animal Chiropractic*

Horses and Cattle

Informed Consent Form for first visit (required)

Veterinary Referral Form for first visit (required)

Initial exam includes: saddle fitting analysis, hoof analysis, chiropractic exam, and adjustment

Adjusting upon subsequent visits only include a chiropractic exam


Small Animal Chiropractic*

Dogs, Cats, Miniature Horses, Goats, Swine

Informed Consent Form for first visit (required)

Veterinary Referral Form for first visit (required)

Initial Exam included in 1st visit



Saddle Fitting Analysis*

unbiased knowledge showing how your current saddle fits, teaching you how to find a saddle that fits when needed, and/or evaluating trial saddles for you and your horse.  (No saddles are brought, offered for sale, or sold at the fitting.)


* Trip charges apply beyond a 51 mile radius of Monroe Center, IL

$10 for 51-75 miles driven and an additional

$10 for every additional 25 miles driven

Beyond 150 miles price and consideration may vary

(trip charges are subject to change without notice)

Cities in Illinois Dr. Bonnie currently travels to within a 50 mile radius of Monroe Center, IL are Rockford, West Chicago, St. Charles, Sugar Grove, Big Rock, DeKalb, Shabbona, Freeport, Lanark, and Dixon.



NEW Horseback Rider Chiropratic

eQuST (Equine Simulator Technique) SM

– This is a type of sports chiropractic to help horseback riders improve their communication, performance, and enjoyment when horseback riding.  Bonnie Harder D.C. uses a horse riding simulator to analyze the regions of your spine and body that need treatment to improve, balance, stability, and/or symmetry.  She utilizes chiropractic, massage, and physiotherapy to devise an individualized treatment for each patient. You can schedule with Aspen Chiropractic Clinic (contact info below).  Just mention you want the horseback riding chiropractic service or eQuST   ; )



Personal Wellness Chiropractic

The animal’s owner deserves a healthy spine and joints too. 


Call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Bonnie Harder at Aspen Chiropractic Clinic located at:

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